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A relatively long and flat cut, the bavette steak is cut from the flank and used in a variety of dishes.

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Bavette steak is cut from the flank, which makes for a more fatty, but very tasty steak. Popular across France, this traditional old fashioned cut has made a comeback in British menu’s in recent years for it’s strong flavour. It is more popular now as a regular steak cooked quickly on a high heat with bags of flavour.

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Weight (kg)

1kg approx.

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250 – 300g approx.


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  1. Dr Mahmoud (verified owner)

    Not the greatest cut of meat, needs delicate handling for sure. As always the flavor of the meat was incredible but a tad longer cooking time and the meat toughens up and becomes chewy. Surprising thing was there were two kind of cuts/meat with absolutely different texture and tenderness. One was with fine and even longitudinal muscle strands, kinda rectangular cut and very tender cooked medium, and the other was oblique and thicker muscle strands which toughened up in no more than a few mins on the griddle, so not sure which one was the bavette. Definably flavorful, but won’t be ordering again for sure.

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