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Hill Farm Finest
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Rack of Ribs

Rack of Ribs are a versatile cut, well suited to slow cooks,the rack has slightly less meat than the...

Lean Mince

Our Lean mince is taken from the Leaner cuts of the Angus.

<img src="https://hillfarmfinest.c...


Fillet Joint

Celebrated for being tender, succulent, luxurious and with elegant, subtle flavours, our Aberdeen An...


Eid ul-Adha

Order your Udhiyyah now Eid al-Adha is due to take place from 21st August 2018 to 24th August 2018 / 22nd August 2018 to 25th August 2018. We at Hill Farm Finest are gearing up Read more…


Increase in the Price of Lambs

As with any commodity, the price of Livestock is also determined by supply and demand over the past few months, in fact since January lamb prices have rocketed. As my co founder has reliably informed me Read more…


The Halal Market

Having returned from the Gulf-food show Feb 2018 I asked myself a number of questions. One was more significant than all the others put together. Why is the Halal market such a mess? Now such Read more…

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Hill Farm Finest

From farm to fork. Thank you Hill Farm Finest & Haloodie Foodie for a very interesting day out on Hill Farm learning about all things meat!

Posted by Halal Gems on Thursday, 23 February 2017