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Our Story

Hill Farm Finest was established in 2016 for the sole purpose of providing the UK's Muslim community with the finest, non-stunned, prime-aged Aberdeen Angus and premium Lamb.

All our livestock is grass-fed and free-range and is hormone- and antibiotic-free.

Our animals live a happy life on our own farm with four generations of breeding excellence. You will not find finer Halal meat in the UK and that’s our promise to you.

When you choose Hill Farm Finest you can be rest assured that every single detail has been taken into consideration to ensure our product reaches you in a perfect condition ready for you and your family to consume. From our home to yours this is the Hill Farm Finest way.

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Our Ethos

There is a big difference between us and the rest. Firstly, and most importantly, everything we sell has been bred and reared on our own farm which gives us complete control in what we serve you. The feed, the environment, the breeding and all the additional hard-work that is carried out throughout the year is done under our own supervision and control. There is an attention to detail and excellence that has been learnt over the last 100 years and that knowledge has been carried down for four generations.

Then we transport our own animals to a licensed abattoir where the animals are slaughtered fulfilling all Shari’ah requirements. The carcasses are then transported back to our own farm, processed and despatched to arrive at your homes without compromise. The whole solution has been carefully thought out to ensure the integrity of our product and with you and your families in mind. This is a true farm to fork solution that we are proud of Alhamdulillah. All praise and thanks are for Allah alone

Unlike most of the other suppliers, who buy from somewhere and then re-package and then sell as theirs. That chain is full of danger especially if you have no control over the livestock, the feed, the environment, the class of animals, the slaughter process etc. Too many points of failure. This is why we are different and this is why people choose us and trust our brand.

When you taste our product you yourself will feel the difference in every bite.

Meet the Visionary

Usman Rauf

When Usman, a businessman with vast experience in different fields, became disillusioned with the quality of the halal meat market, he decided enough was enough—it was time to do something about it. Hill Farm Finest is his passion project and he works tirelessly to ensure everyone has access to the best halal meat Britain has to offer. He even ensures it’s delivered to their doorstep!

Meet the
Master Breeder

The Farmer

Our Master Breeder is a fourth generation farmer who has been breeding and rearing the finest quality livestock since he was born. He has worked with premium supermarket chains for decades. He understands all the intricacies of rearing animals and how to make sure quality never deteriorates. His attention to detail is superb, which means nothing sub standard ever lands on your plate.