About Hill Farm Finest

Our product is 100% halal and our livestock is slaughtered unstunned fulfilling all sharia requirements.

Hill farm Finest was set up in July 2016 with the sole purpose of supplying the halal market with the very best meat that is on offer.

We found through our years of research and experience that the halal meat market in the UK is not as it should be, especially regarding the quality of the meat and the processes around it. Therefore, we have taken the utmost care in developing our process and are extremely proud and stringent about it. We will not offer any compromise in either the process or the quality of our product.

Our whole ethos is built upon delivering the very best Prime Aged Aberdeen Angus and lambs into the Halal sector. Our sister company has been breeding and rearing these animals for four generations. Therefore, we understand all the intracacies of how to breed and develop taste in all of our product range.

All of our animals are grass-fed and free-range which we feel is vital for the happiness of our Angus’s and Lamb. Everyone is welcome to the farm to see first hand what we do. We provide full traceability of our animals as they all carry passports and are tagged, something no other halal provider can offer. This is what we call true farm-to-fork supply chain visibity. Not only this but our sister company has been supplying the UK's premium supermarket brands with our livestock for decades ensuring a very high quality product and attention to detail at all stages of the breeding and raring process.

All of this makes us unique in the halal market and we are proud to offer such a clear and defined process.

Usman Rauf - The Visionary

Usman has vast experience of building businesses and Hill Farm Finest has always been a passion. When he became disillusioned with the quality of the halal meat in the market enough was enough and he had to embark on this journey to make sure that we all get access to the best meat available. Not only that we have also made sure that everything is delivered to your doorstep when you need it.

Master Breeder - The Farmer

Our Master Breeder is a fourth generation farmer who has vast experience of breeding the finest cattle and Lamb. He has been breeding and rearing his livestock all his life and worked with premium supermarket chains for decades. He understands all the intricacies of rearing the animals and making sure quality never deteriorates. His attention to detail never waivers, which means nothing sub standard enters our chain.