Short Ribs

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Beef Short Ribs are a multipurpose cut, well suited to slow cooks, as well as marinating and popping under the grill or on the barbecue. Left on the bone for maximum flavour, these ribs promise melting quality, showcasing the rich quality of the rib meat of our grass fed beef.

2 reviews for Short Ribs

  1. Dr Mahmoud (verified owner)

    The meatiest and juiciest short ribs ever. Cooked them with a dry rub in the oven for 8 hours or so and out came the most juicy, tender and fall off the bone meat that I have ever tasted. It’s really worth the wait while it cooks in the oven and highly recommended for all meatheads out there.

  2. Dr Mahmoud (verified owner)

    Sorry to put up another review but I couldn’t resist raving about these beef short ribs…!! Really it’s just amazing the quality of the animal and the efforts being put in the final product. I have been buying from here since about 3 years now (from the time I’ve been in this country) and the quality never fails to amaze me.. it keeps on getting better Alhamdolilah. I hope InshaAllah they keep up the good work always and May Allah bless them and give barakah in everything that they do.

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