Rolled Top Rump


This healthy cut of beef usually comes prepared as a whole roasting joint, and with good reason. Roast top rump is a fantastic roasting joint, and unlike some other roasts, can benefit from quick cooking. For the best flavour and juicy tenderness, top rump of beef should be roasted quickly at a high temperature, and served rare.

Thick flank can also be cut into convenient frying steaks that again benefit from quick cooking in a hot frying pan. Whether you cook roast top rump or opt for frying steaks, it’s a delicious and affordable cut that yields great flavour and texture.

Suitable for freezing
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Top rump, also commonly known as thick flank, is sourced from the rear of the cow and like cuts from the surrounding area (topside and silverside), it’s a very lean cut. It’s also a boneless cut that, like silverside and topside, usually comes barded whereby a thin layer of fat is attached to the side to aid the cooking process.

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Suitable for freezing

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