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Rolled Top Rump

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Top rump, also commonly known as thick flank, is sourced from the rear of the cow and like cuts from the surrounding area (topside and silverside), it’s a very lean cut. It’s also a boneless cut that, like silverside and topside, usually comes barded whereby a thin layer of fat is attached to the side to aid the cooking process.

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This healthy cut of beef usually comes prepared as a whole roasting joint, and with good reason. Roast top rump is a fantastic roasting joint, and unlike some other roasts, can benefit from quick cooking. For the best flavour and juicy tenderness, top rump of beef should be roasted quickly at a high temperature, and served rare. Thick flank can also be cut into convenient frying steaks that again benefit from quick cooking in a hot frying pan. Whether you cook roast top rump or opt for frying steaks, it’s a delicious and affordable cut that yields great flavour and texture.


Also referred to as the beef 'Rump', the beef round primal cut basically consists of the back leg of the steer. Muscles from the round are fairly lean, but they're also tough because the leg and rump get a lot of exercise. Just like the sirloin primal is separated into two subprimals, top sirloin and bottom sirloin, beef round likewise consists of multiple subprimal cuts: the top round (inside round), bottom round (outside round), and the knuckle. The bottom round is where we get rump roast and eye of round.

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