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Seekh Kebab Mince

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Due to popular demand we have created a perfect mince blend for Seekh Kebabs for your summer Barbecue. We have carefully selected the best cuts to deliver the perfect blend. This secret blend has to be tasted to really understand what we mean.

£14.00 / per kg

Seekh Kebab is a popular Central Asian appetizer typically eaten with a side of green chutney. These flavorful bites of lamb or beef are made with freshly ground whole spices. Traditionally, they’re made in a tandoor (a large clay oven), but most make them on the grill. “Seekh” means rods or “skewers.” In most places, seekh is pronounced seek….like, hide and go seek kebab. Seekh kebabs can be made with any ground meat – chicken, goat, lamb, or beef. This kebab is similar to the shami kebab, which is also made of minced meat.
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