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Web Store Operations During the COVID-19 Pandemic

In the name of Allāh, and all praise is for him and may peace and blessings be upon his Messenger.

Dear Hill Farm Finest Customers,

As-salāmu ‘alaikum warahmatullāhi wabarakātuhu,

I pray all of you are well in shā Allāh, may Allāh, the most high,  protect all of mankind during these difficult times.

In shā Allāh we have been working very hard to process all orders in a timely manner and in shā Allāh will continue to do so.  We, like yourselves, are now working under new conditions.  We have to limit the amount of butchers in the butchery due to social distancing policies.  This will obviously make a difference in how we process your orders and the time it will take to get them delivered.  We have also decided to streamline the order process to improve efficiency and maximise the amount of orders we can process. We humbly ask you to understand the reasons why we are doing this and bear with us as we continue to deliver the finest Halal meat available.  One thing for sure is that we will never compromise on the quality of our products.  

We are also faced with a number of ongoing issues due to the current Pandemic such as continuous fluctuation in prices, processing delays at our abattoirs, restrictions on movement etc.  As you are all aware, we have maintained our pricing throughout the crisis but now have to raise them slightly to cover additional costs.  We were going to have to considerably increase the price but the Lamb market took a nose-dive this week which has allowed us to make the increase a small one Alhamdulillah; the Lamb market is very volatile and changes frequently so we have tried to do what is best for all of us in shā Allāh. There is no increase on our Angus products although we have also streamlined the ordering process for certain items.  We have had to do this so we can process orders quickly.

We are monitoring the situation constantly and as and when we can do more the products will appear on the site and you will be informed through our social media platforms.  There will be some changes to the time it takes to get your orders to you.  We have less staff and more orders so as of today we are working to a 5 working day lead time to despatch orders in shā Allāh.

I want to personally thank you for your ongoing support and understanding during these most testing of times.

Usman Rauf


Qurbani 2024

Qurbani / Udhiyyah orders are now closed.

Please find our schedule below:

– Slaughter – 1st and 2nd days of ‘Eid (after 8:30am)
– Dispatch to Courier – Tuesday 17th June – Wednesday 18th June
– Delivery orders arriving at your doorstep – Wednesday 18th to Friday 20th June
– Collections from farm will take place from second day of ‘Eid onwards after 2pm