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The Price Fright

Hi guys, it has been some time since my last post, we have been extremely busy with making sure that we provide all your future requirements seamlessly. Alhamdulillah, Hill Farm Finest is fast becoming known as the premium supplier of Halal Prime Aged Aberdeen Angus as well as Lamb to the UK, Europe and the Middle East. Our four generations of experience means we understand the intricacies in breeding our livestock to develop taste and tenderness in all our products.

We at Hill Farm Finest are adamant that Muslims should have access to the very best quality of meat that the UK can offer. Whenever you buy a premium product you expect a price to pay for this. That price is already justified by you as you appreciate if you buy quality, you must pay for it. The same rule applies to food, but this is something we don’t consider because we do not understand the difference between meat and quality meat. The perception is that “it’s all the same”, but this is far from the truth

Firstly, we must understand we are what we eat and need to take care of this both for our health and because our religion gives us a vested interest in the quality and welfare of what we consume. It is common knowledge in the industry that Halal meat is substandard, poor quality meat. This was something that shocked me to the very core; as Muslims and meat eaters we have no care in the world for where our meat comes from, providing it’s cheap and certified Halal. I am sorry but this must change; this is something that I am passionate about and want to change. All I want is for Muslims to be able to have access to the very best meat available; to that end, Hill Farm Finest was born in the summer of 2016 and Alhamdulillah, we have grown since our inception primarily through word of mouth.

We are principally set up to serve the ordinary person at home and deliver all over the UK. We are a totally bespoke service where your orders are prepared fresh and then delivered to your doorstep. As we have grown, our customers have appreciated the quality and then spoken to restaurants who then have been in touch. However, a lot of these restaurants are not concerned with the quality of the product, but with the margin they make. This is something I totally understand as they must make a living and so it’s not their fault. I would say it’s us; when we go to restaurants, we are typically price-conscious which is something I also understand. Although, we do not have to consume meat daily or go to restaurants all the time, when we do, we should try to demand quality.

We (the consumer) must demand to know where the meat comes from, how it is fed, what is its lineage, how it was slaughtered, how it is processed, how it is packaged, how it tastes, and the list goes on. We must demand these answers and organisations like Hill Farm Finest, restaurants and butchers should have answers. Unfortunately, we don’t ask because we don’t know; some argue that we don’t care. I don’t agree with that and I think we do care, but as consumers we just don’t know. No one talks about this, but I want to, because you must know this, knowledge is power, and we all need the power to make an informed decision and choice.

We, as consumers, tend to be worried about the slaughter, and whether it was stunned or un-stunned, or which certifying body has certified it. My customers want to know what happens before and after the slaughter, how was the animal kept, was its welfare taken into account, what has it been fed, what is its lineage, how old was it at the time of slaughter, what happens when the animal is slaughtered and transported, how does the restaurant receive it, how is the hygiene at the butcher’s.

This is the supply chain we need to know about it. Therefore, we call our supply chain a true farm-to-fork experience. Remember power lies with the consumer and if you demand this, there will be no option for the whole supply chain to adhere to your demand. Demanding the best means we should be in control of all parts of this process.