‘Eid al-Adha 2022 – Sheep Udhiyyah Qurbani Sacrifice


All Lambs for Qurbani/Udhiyyah will be 14-16 months old (Hogget) at time of slaughter. Please find the amended schedule below:
– 1st day of ‘Eid – N/A
– 2nd day – Hoggets will be slaughtered at our Abattoir
– 3rd day – Hoggets are returned to our farm; processing and packing of delivery orders and collection orders available PM for pick up and delivery orders despatched for next day delivery
– 4th day – Delivery orders arriving at your doorstep

All Qurbani/Udhiyyah orders will be standard cut only and delivered in 1kg bags*. You can select the option to have 1x Leg and/or 1x Shoulder kept as a Roasting Joint. Bags will be supplied for delivery.

Unfortunately no bespoke requests will be taken.

22 – 25kg.

* Mixing may occur.

Please place your order no later than 12pm Wednesday 15th June 2022.

Suitable for freezing

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When a lamb passes its first birthday it is termed hogget and at this age it makes excellent eating as it has been fed over two summers of grass. This gives a unique flavour and taste. Grass fed and free range.