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‘Eid al-Adha 2023 – Angus Beef Cattle Udhiyyah Qurbani Sacrifice

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The average gross weight of one of our Angus Cattle is circa 400kg (245kg net weight); the average per share cost is will be £510; 7 shares are available per Angus Cow. On average you will receive between 30-35kg of meat (net weight) per share which will include steaks, roasting joints, mince and diced beef. You may choose whether to instruct our butchery staff to age your meat for 21 days or process and dispatch as per the schedule below.

Unfortunately, no bespoke cutting requests can be taken. Please find our schedule below:
– Slaughter – 1st and 2nd days of ‘Eid
– Dispatch to Courier (Unaged) – Monday 3rd July.
– Delivery orders arriving at your doorstep – From Tuesday 4th July.


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