Hill Farm Finest in the Media

It's so marbled, I want to use it as tiling.

- @abubakrhussain1

As a young company in the UK Halal market, we've been attracting publicity from all walks of life. From time-to-time, we run marketing campaigns and giveaways on our shop and we'll always announce the details on our social media accounts. Be sure to subscribe to keep up with our latest offerings.

We've been featured by a number of entities on the web and on TV; take a look to see what people are saying about us.

HaloodieFoodie – Hill Farm Finest Feature

#TeamHaloodieFoodie joined up with the wonderful people at Halalgems.com to visit Hill Farm and sample some amazing prime Aberdeen Angus Beef! Including Q&A with Co-founder Usman Rauf and trialing some of their Halal 28-day, dry-aged Aberdeen Angus steaks freshly flame-cooked. We answer some important questions about our slaughtering process and why our meat is...